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We appreciate how, during these last four and a half years, you managed to keep us on track and provided your professional services in a very efficient manner. In addition, you recognized that family-related issues needed to be addressed with kindness.
We are pleased that we can now bring the estate to a successful conclusion and we wish you well and all God’s blessings as you build your legal practice.
I highly recommend Mr. More and the team at More Law Professional Corporation
— R.R. Realtor at Royal LePage
Mr. More was available after hours and attended at my home to review, discuss and inform us of the legal aspects of our matter and met with my son at his workplace to complete signing on the following day. We are thankful for his humble attitude, dedication and patience in addressing our questions and concerns. Thanks Counsel
— Tara Singh Mortgagor
We retained More Law PC to complete a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee application, this was required to complete our pending Real Estate matter. We should have discussed this matter with Mr. More before signing the Agreement to Purchase and Sale, however, he worked his magic with the affiliated parties and negotiated a extension and further coached us until final completion.
— J.E Wilson, Vendor, co-Estate Trustee & Beneficiary
We are very happy with Mr. More. Thanks
— V. Kamapathipillai, Private Lender
The team at More Law is professional, compassionate and protected my family with expert advice and fierce loyalty.
— B. & F. Ricci, Estate Sale, Lot Severance & Construction Development
We finally got a chance to prepare our Wills and POAs, this was not nearly as time consuming and frustrating as it was to research and find tools online, only to discover the precedents online were not acceptable in Ontario. When doing any Estate Planning, your first step is to consult Mr. More.
— D. & M. Roussev Licensed Medical Practitioner, Estate Clients
Mr. More helped me complete a Survivorship Application on my property and made the whole process transparent and easy.
— Duro Rajsic, Joint Tenant & General Contractor
This law firm employs the latest in innovative technology and typically handles all aspects of financial accounting on the same day of closing, including payment of due Realtor Commission to the Listing Brokerage. This means, as Realtors, we receive certified funds on the day of closing. My agents appreciate this high level of client care and financial management. Compliments to the team.
— S. Singh, Broker of Record & Transaction Director
I was nervous about being my father’s Attorney via Power of Attorney (POA) for the sale of my parents home. Mr. More provided my family with care and support and his knowledge and direction was priceless. Thanks Bob.
— E.A. Machado, Attorney via POA & Sale Client
I sold my cottage property in Keswick, Ontario. I needed a lawyer fast and someone available to meet me due to my limited mobility and age. I scheduled a appointment for Mr. More to attend the Seniors Home, where I now reside and Bob was here to help on-time and very informative.
— Dorothy M. Shepherd, Vendor & Happy Client
I acted for my Father as his Attorney via POA, I had no idea what was involved when we consulted Mr. More. We had a thorough 30 Minute Consultation and I understood my rights and duties with the Sale of my father’s property. Mr. More is confident, caring and client-oriented. Thanks Sir.
— H. L. Bird, Attorney & Medical Professional.
Mr. More is helpful and gets the job, his legal fees are appropriate to the specialized nature of his practice and personality.
— A. Palit, Investor Trust Manager & Design/Build Developer
We got our Business Incorporation, Master Franchise Agreement and Shareholder’s Agreement reviewed by Mr. More, his insight and stout professional opinion resulted in me receiving a higher value of shares in the Hold Co., this means a lifetime of higher income from this consultation. His advice and insight will be needed in the future. Take Care.
— D. Jackson, Small Business Owner & Happy Client
We consulted Baljit for a 2nd Opinion on a Commercial Property in Toronto, thanks to his diligent work we did not purchase that project due to future expansion set-backs and other regulated restrictions. We will continue to work with Mr. More and his professional team.
— D. Zhang & B. Chan, Foreign Investors & PR Residents of Canada
Mr. More referred me to a competent litigation lawyer familiar in Construction Lien matters. This is a time sensitive and hot item request when it is needed by general contractors against the collateral property. Thanks for your timely referral we managed to register our Lien and get paid our due contract amount.
— M.L. Renovations, General Contractor & New Home Builder – Preferred Vendor
He has a passion for client care and Elder Law, he connected with us immediately and personalized his service to address a sensitive family matter, trust is important to us, we felt his genuine nature and calm attitude. We recommend More Law Professional Corporation. All the best.
— J. Gicas, Property Development & Investment Trust Trustee
My favorite lawyer, thanks for the help. We are very happy with your service. Come by for a haircut, free coffee and a chat, any time. Thanks Mario. He has a passion for client care and Elder Law, he connected with us immediately and personalized his service to address a sensitive family matter, trust is important to us, we felt his genuine nature and calm attitude. We recommend More Law Professional Corporation. All the best.
— Mario & Amalia Veneziano, Small Business Owner (Hair Salon) & Estate Client
Estate Planning is very important and Mr. More is our go to source for this type of law
— Alton & Moira Ellis, Engineer & Accounting Professional & Estate Client
Mr. More attended at Toronto East General Hospital to visit my mother, post-surgery. She had a pending real estate closing that required completion. Mr, More‘s office helped with the preparation of a POA: Property and closed the transaction on-time and without undue delay. Thanks Bob.
— K. Agathos, IT Professional & Attorney via POA
I was a First-Time Home Buyer and the home hunting process was very tough and draining with the competitive home market in the GTA, Mr. More helped us and got a First Time Home Buyers Rebate credited towards our closing costs. He must have spent Three (3) hours in-personal consultation with me in addition to the time spend on document preparation and communications with the other side lawyer. I am a happy home owner, a dream come true. Mr. More is my preferred source for legal expertise
— N. Singh, Law Enforcement Professional & Small Business Owner (Media & Entertainment)
The only Happy Lawyer in Toronto, it was a pleasure to work with a professional like Bob More
— Miriam Ruth Running, Retired Teacher & Estate Plan Client
We contacted Mr. More after other lawyers did not take our matter seriously with respect to the Private Sale of my parent’s investment property in Toronto. I had advertised my mother’s home for sale, as a Private Sale. I was offered several letters of intent and draft agreements to review, I did not have the time, patience or knowledge to handle this part of the process. I needed help immediately. Mr. More took charge, completed the Agreement to Purchase with the items we finalized until final closing. I saved over $50,000 in commissions and costs thanks to my lawyer. Thanks Bob
— E. Wisniewski, Retired Dentist & Happy Real Estate Client
I am a builder. I don’t do paperwork well. My lawyer understood this and we were able to rely on his expert advice to get our deal closed.
— A. Rakos, Design, Build and Planning New Home Construction
I was in a nightmare relationship with my ex-husband. I was emotional and high maintenance, Mr. More helped me perfect the Separation Agreement and referred me to a colleague to reference when I was ready to complete my Divorce Application.
— T.S. Terterian, Project Manager & Family Law Client
I consulted More Law to assist with the dissolution of my interest in a three party business venture, my intention was to avoided messy litigation and lengthy court battles. Mr. More fought for a fair resolution and a settlement was negotiated to the delight of all parties. We saved our relationship and thousands of dollars.
— S. Singh, Law Professional & Investor
I got a Marriage Contract prepared by the lawyer, we signed the documents with my partner attending at Mr. More‘s office with separate legal counsel the day before we got married. Baljit was accommodating to my time restrictions and handled the matter with first class representation. Thanks Counsel.
— S. G., Vice Principal & Same Sex Marriage Partner
We sold our family dry cleaning business after nearly 35 Years of Ownership. This was one of the most difficult decisions we made and we are grateful to our lawyer for his care and compassion. I was a emotional wreck when we signed our Sale Documentation, we made the right decision at the right time.
— Mr. & Mrs. Gicas, Family Trustee & Business Investor
Mr. More met me at the parking lot of Costco to deliver a cheque from the proceeds of Sale of my home, there isn’t a single lawyer in this City who would go this far for a client
— Greg Jones, Transportation Manager & Happy Client
We played ice hockey on the same team at Powerade Centre in Brampton, he managed to close my purchase file, deliver the keys to my wife and I and score a Hat Trick to win the game for us. This is one cool lawyer. Thanks Baljit
— Dave B. Upshall & Tracy Alison, Plant Manager & Corporate EA
Mr. More was retained to act on my behalf as Purchaser / Transferee of Ownership on a Taxi Cab plate and vehicle, this was my first time investing in this type of asset
— N. Koutsokostas, Owner & Operator
We bought, demolished and renovated a beautiful property in Toronto, My lawyer helped at every stage.
— Kozani Homes Inc., Investor & Contractor
Mr. More was our lawyer on the purchase of our home. I used to deliver parcels to his law practice for a first class courier company and found his attitude and commitment encouraging. Thanks for your kind attention and patience.
— Alicja & Andrzej Rachwalski, Delivery Driver UPS & Purchase Client